Enabling/Disabling Equallogic SAN FTP Service

Dell Equallogic SANs have an FTP Service enabled on by default. This is normally used to upload Firmware Updates or download Diagnostic data. But having the FTP Service running all the time can be a security risk. You can do the following to disable or temporary enable the FTP Service if you need to use it.

1) SSH or use a Serial Connection to connect to the Equallogic SAN. (SSH to the IP of one of the ports on the SAN and not the Group IP)

2) Once you are logged in, type in the following commands to either disable or enable the FTP Service

Disable FTP Service

grpparams ftp-service disable

Enable FTP Service

grpparams ftp-service enable

That is all you need to do in order to disable or enable the FTP Service on a Dell Equallogic SAN