Ford Fiesta 2012 Symptoms of the Battery going out

Recently, the battery in my Ford Fiesta lost its charge and I was unable to start my car. I had to get a jump start and get a new Battery for my car. I had already planned to get the battery replaced in my Car but did not expect it to happen this soon. The following are the symptoms you can watch out for in your 2012 Ford Fiesta.

#1) When you start the car and you see the ABS and ESP lights come up a couple seconds after the car has started. That is a first sign that the battery charge is starting to go.

#2) When you start the car, the display starts displaying random numbers and sometimes the trip gauges reset back to Zero.

#3) When you start the car, it takes about 2~3 seconds to start the car and the turnover is slower than usual. You should change the battery now!

From what I have noticed, the Battery in my Ford Fiesta lasted about 1 year and 10 months. Ford’s Maintenance Free Batteries usually last about 2 years so you should get the Battery changed within 2 years.