Fixing Java Issues with Dell DRAC 5, 6, and 7 Cards

One of the things I hate is when there is a Java update, I always wonder “Will this break my access to the Dell DRAC Card Console/Virtual Media?”. Especially with the Dell DRAC 5 cards which are old now, running the latest Java versions can cause a lot of grief. I will show you what you can do in order to mitigate some of the Dell DRAC Card issues with the newer Java Versions.

Dell DRAC 5

These are very old cards which I normally use with the Dell PowerEdge R300s and Dell PowerEdge 2950s. If you have Java 7 installed, then you are not going to be able to use the Virtual Console or Virtual Media at all due to the Java Errors that come up. The best way around this is to install the latest Java 6 SE Runtime Environment Update 45 and you can get them here. You must install both the 64 bit and 32 bit versions. The reason for this is because you can use the Virtual Console with the 64bit version of Java 6 but if you want to use the Virtual Media Streaming, it will need the 32 bit version of Java 6. Also make sure that when you either open the Virtual Console or Virtual Media, to open up the Java Web Application located in the Java 6 installation folder or else it will default to Java version 7.

Dell DRAC 6 and 7

These are relatively new cards with the DRAC 6 being in the 11th Generation of Dell PowerEdge Servers and the DRAC 7 being in the 12th Generation of Dell PowerEdge Servers. You will usually not have any issues with Java 7 if you keep the DRAC Firmware up to date with these DRAC Cards. If you don’t, then you might run into Java issues. Ever since Java 7 came out, Oracle decided to beef up the security in their Java software. This causes a lot of havoc with systems that relied on Java like the Dell DRAC Cards and each new version of Java can cause issues. For the DRAC6 and DRAC7 cards if for some reason you don’t want to update your DRAC Firmware, you can add the DRAC URLs to the Security White List in the Java Control Panel. This will usually fix any issues you have with using the Virtual Console.

I hope this has been useful!