Fixing a Fresh Install of Windows 7 SP1 stuck at Checking Windows Updates

Windows Update Stuck.

When doing a Fresh Installation of Windows 7 SP1, you might run into the issue of running Windows Updates in order to get your Windows 7 SP1 installation up to speed with the latest patches. You will notice that Checking Windows Updates can take hours or never complete. Another thing you can notice is that the Windows Update Service will consistently use around 50% CPU usage this whole time. The following is the way to fix this issue in order to be able to quickly patch your Windows 7 SP1 Installation.

You can easily fix this issue by installing the following Patches from Microsoft.

MS KB3050265
MS KB3102810

You will need to reboot your machine each time you install a patch. Once you have installed the patches, you will be able to run Windows Update as normal.

I hope this post has been helpful. 😀