How to Check the Health of your Laptop Battery

When we buy a new Laptop, we usually get good battery life out of it. But after 2 or more years you will notice that your laptop’s battery life is getting shorter and shorter even though you have charged your laptop’s battery to Full Charge. It is normal for the battery’s capacity to diminish over time but the speed of this degradation depends on if you took proper care of the battery or not. In today’s post, I will recommend you a application that will show the Designed Capacity of your Battery and also show the Capacity it has left.

The application I recommend to use is Passmark’s BatteryMon Software. This software is free for personal use but will cost you money if you use this in a business environment. This software will try to pull as much information as it can about the battery such as the Manufacturer, the Chemistry of the Battery, Voltage, and the Design Capacity.

In the picture below is the Battery Information of my old Laptop which has been in use for 5~6 Years. If we look at the Design Capacity, it is rated at 47300 mWh which is the capacity when it was new. But due to the age of the Battery, if we look at the Full Charge Capacity, it is now only rated at 10934 mWh at Full Charge which the Laptop now only lasts for 30 Minutes even in Power Saving Mode.
Status of the Old Battery.

In the next picture below is a new Battery that I bought recently. The Design Capacity is rated at 48400 mWh and if we look at the Full Charge Capacity, it is rated at 48400 mWh as well. This means that when I charge the Battery to Full Charge, I am getting the Full Design Battery Capacity and the Battery is in good shape.
New Battery Status.

I hope this application will be useful for all of you to diagnose your laptop batteries. Laptop batteries will deteriorate over time depending on how well you take of it and it is usually a good idea to replace the Battery if the Battery Capacity has greatly deteriorated.